Entry #1

I directed this music video: A Night Out - JAY BETTS featuring DEVVO

2012-06-06 09:10:53 by CGrayAnimation


Hey guys I recently directed this music video for a local artist. It was my first real attempt at directing live action and I would love to hear some feedback.


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2012-06-06 12:37:33

Devvo's still going?


2012-06-07 09:10:03

Man i hate people that wear sunglasses in clubs


2012-06-07 09:12:49

I thought it was pretty good, i didnt think the shot near the end showing the clubs name was necessary. It just looked recycle and with no function. It started off a bit sluggish also, but the end was a good comfortable wrap up


2012-06-07 11:02:54

Nice one dude :)